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Toronto's Beer Fest 2014!

The Todd Shapiro Show would like to Thank the #GoodBeerMVMT team for sponsoring our show! We had an amazing 5 month run leading up to Toronto's Festival of Beer which was another massive success... and thanks to the Beer G-ds for giving us the perfect weather we all deserved!! As well, thanks to Les and Greg for their support, love and for coining the 4:30 - The Beer after the Joint, mannn! And of course - continue to #PostYourToast on twitter, FB, or Instagram as we will continue to celebrate drinking whatever beer it is you love! Don't judge... Size doesn't matter! Cheers!

The Todd Shapiro Show: Episode 117!

On this Episode: Mandy Ross, Dennis Hof and STUCKON PLANET EARTH!

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This episode is hosted by coreFusion.

This episode is hosted by coreFusion.

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Todd is so happy to be back on the air and is so grateful for everyone's support, kindness, well-wishes and love. Todd is stoked that anything goes and he hopes by listening you'll #AlwaysSmile... even though that sounds cheesy.

Say it. Own it.

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